To be a Mother


As I tentatively held my baby boy in my arms, I felt a cloak of love overflow for this tiny human. During the early days of looking after him I realised that something else had also changed: I finally understood my own mother on so many different levels that I hadn’t been able to before.

Growing up, my mother was warm, loving, generous and kind. Hugs and kisses were bountiful in our home. I remember on the morning of each and every birthday, she would wake me from my sleep with a particular birthday song to mark the occasion. She made us feel special and cared for.

She also taught me two golden nuggets of wisdom that have stuck with me to this day: 1) never give up and 2) if you believe in something just go for it and make it come true.  I can see her now across the kitchen table inviting me to take the steps to join her in this belief.

I am so lucky to be able to say that my mother was a huge inspiration to me and to this day continues to support and love me in the way that only mothers know how. I have learned so many things from her that have helped me to become the mother that I am, it’s work in progress though I have to admit!

Yet writing this, I’m not sure that we celebrate these amazing super mums as often as we should? Do they really know that we appreciate all that they have done for us? Guilty as charged.

I have taken my mum for granted many times throughout my life, but as a mother now I really make the effort to let her know that I love her and recognise all she has done for me. (I also definitely know my children, while they love me very much, take me for granted, it must be something that just happens?!)

So this Mother’s Day I have made a promise to myself. To celebrate my mum (not only in dedicating this Blog to her) but to make sure it’s not just 1 day a year that I do so.

I invite you to join me in doing the same…what will you do, to celebrate your mum this year?

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